Zany sheriff does kooky fake ad for county slammer

What to do with all that civil asset forfeiture? Why not erect a fake hotel sign outside the county jail and make a fake ad starring you? That's what Sherriff Rick Staly thought would be fun.

Via Daytona Beach News-Journal:

Thinking of committing a crime in Flagler County? Sheriff Rick Staly would like to tell you about the non-luxurious accomodations waiting for you, including group showers, free transportation to court and state prison, "designer jewelry" for your wrists and ankles, and free designer color-coordinated jumpsuit and shoes.

So much for rehabilitation! I'm not even sure this will have much a deterrent effect. It just seems like a thinly disguised political ad targeting his voter base.

Flagler County Sheriff Rick Staly welcomes would-be criminals to the "Green Roof Inn" (YouTube / Daytona Beach News-Journal)