You know who hates Net Neutrality? The NRA.

It's CPAC! The annual far-right hootenanny for preppers, false-flaggers, climate deniers, truthers, and the sort of person who closes their eyes and thinks of The Fountainhead, featuring Marion Maréchal-Le Pen of France, Nigel Farage, Sean Hannity, and mass-murder enthusiast Wayne LaPierre.

Mr LaPierre didn't just give a speech accusing people who are upset about school shootings of secretly loving school shootings — he also presented the NRA's annual "Charlton Heston Courage Under Fire Award" (a gun!) to Trump FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, in recognition of his outstanding work in shooting Net Neutrality repeatedly with an assault rifle.

"When you get outside of DC, when people care about telecom, one of the things they're passionate about is getting better, faster, cheaper broadband," Carr said. "The last few years at the FCC was continuously imposing more regulations, more paperwork burdens, which was putting the US in the wrong direction."

"I don't play small ball," Pai told the crowd. "I decided that I wanted to make a fundamental change in the way the [FCC] operates. I think it's important for us to set rules for the road that allow the American people to take control of their own lives, instead of having it run out of an American bureaucracy."

The NRA Just Awarded FCC Chair Ajit Pai With a Gun for His 'Courage' [Dell Cameron/Gizmodo]