Disney announces $2.5B upgrade to Paris's Walt Disney Studios, the worst Disney park in the world

When Disney built Euro Disney (now Disneyland Paris), it was required to partner with a French company that borrowed heavily, couldn't get out from under its debts, and ended up beholden to creditors who forced it to limit spending on the park, trapping it in a cycle of unpopularity and underinvestment.

Half-hearted attempts to improve the park followed, most notably the construction of a "second gate," the Walt Disney Studios, modeled on Florida's Disney-MGM Studios (now Disney Hollywood Studios, a park with a most unfortunate acronym). The Studios park is unquestionably the worst Disney park in history, ill-conceived, understaffed, and uninspired, though it was notably improved by the recent addition of a Ratatouille ride.

Disney now controls its French partner, having bought out the company's debt, and this has sparked an ambitious across-the-board redevelopment of Disneyland Paris, which is about to enter a new phase with a €2B ($2.5B) expansion that will include a Star Wars land, a Marvel Comics, and a Frozen land.

The development won't start until 2021.

The real surprise is the Frozen land which was not expected, at least in the Walt Disney Studios. The fact that Marvel and Star Wars universe are mostly "boys" universe ( even if a lot of girls are Star Wars fans ) may be the reason why a Frozen land has been chosen as DLP needed to have at the WDS a land for young girls, and obviously a Frozen land will do it. It don't look to be a land similar to the one they will build soon at Hong Kong Disneyland or to the Frozen land announced previously and designed for Tokyo DisneySea, but taking elements from each. Anyway there won't be probably any costs for "research and development" as they will have been paid by the others parks and that may have had an influence too in the decision to build a Frozen land at the WDS. Or may be it is the recent snowy weather and "frozen" temperatures – along with the stunning pictures of the parks covered by snow – which helped to finally made the final choice for the Frozen land. Just imagine this big mountain covered by real snow!

Below, a zoom in the new concept-art on the Frozen land for the WDS. I bet that the show building for the attraction – because of course there will be one – will be inside the mountain. Note also on the full artwork at the top that the land on the right of Frozen land and over Toy Story Playland is quite empty, leaving room eventually for a future land there, too.

MAJOR BREAKING NEWS : Disneyland Paris Announces Development Plan of New Lands and Rides For TWO BILLION EUROS ! Star Wars Land, Marvel Land AND Frozen Land Coming to Walt Disney Studios!!!
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