Watch: Dad finds son's weed and makes youtube video flushing it down the toilet

This dad finds his son's weed, presumably while doing the laundry, and flushes it down the toilet. Reacting to a child's "wrongdoing" by posting the repercussions online isn't new, but it's such a strange strategy that some parents use to either teach or punish their child (not sure which).

"He's making Daddy problems right now. Don't let me find your shit in my house, or this is going to happen," the dad says. I guess the boy should just carry his weed on his person at all times, which could get him in a lot more trouble.

The hilarious part is that after the dad flushes, a chunk of weed pops back up. The dad is persistent, flushing again and again, but that little green ball of herb is just as persistent – symbolic, perhaps, of how well this dad's video is going to be received by his son.