FCC chairman Ajit Pai receives heaps of insults after tweeting about his love for The Big Lebowski

Ajit Pai used his power as FCC Chairman to kill net neutrality.

So most people can't stand him. He's also gleeful about killing it, too, which makes him even more despicable. Even the FCC's Inspector General thinks Pai is awful – he's investigating Pai for corruption.

So whenever Pai goes on Twitter trying to be cute, he gets blasted with hundreds of insults. This time, Pai showed his bro side, tweeting, "It's not just, like, my opinion, man: 20 years ago today, #TheBigLebowski–the greatest film in the history of cinema–was released. Decades on, the Dude still abides and the movie really ties us all together."

Thanks for killing the Internet and people's ability to ever watch the movie again without having it spoiled by the memory of you, Pai.

(Image: Sinclair Broadcasting)