Candidate for Wisconsin governor breastfeeds in campaign video

Kelda Roys is running for governor in Wisconsin. She's also a mom, small business owner, and attorney. In the middle of her campaign ad, in which she talks about helping Wisconsin become the first state to ban BPA when she was in the State Assembly, her baby starts to cry. Her husband, who can't help the hungry infant, walks on set and hands his daughter to Roys, who casually starts feeding the baby while continuing her discussion. What an awesome way to normalize breastfeeding in public (not to mention proving how adept she is in the art of multi-tasking!). If you're uncomfortable watching a woman breastfeed, she suggests you "don't watch the video."

According to parenting site Scary Mommy:

She told Capitol Times that feeding her daughter on camera wasn't planned. "Like most working parents around the state, I juggle a lot of things and responsibilities, and I wear a lot of hats," she explained. "When we were shooting the video, my family was obviously there, and when the baby needs to eat I just feed her."

We really loved her response to the question women always get: what if someone is uncomfortable about you breastfeeding your child? "Don't watch the video," Roys shared. "This is one way that babies get fed. It's just a part of life. It's a part of nature." She went on to remind folks that women belong in politics just as much as men. "We have every right to have a seat at the table and run for office, even when we have young kids, just like men always have."

Roys will be running against Tony Evers, Matt Flynn, Andy Gronik, Mike McCabe, Mahlon Mitchell, Paul Soglin, Kathleen Vinehout, and Dana Wachs for the Democratic nomination.