Couple commits to painting 365 mini birds, one a day

Nayan and Vaishali originally planned to make one piece of miniature art daily for 30 days, but following a great response for the first month, they decided to go for a full year. Lucky us! Above: a Baya Weaver Bird.

Below: Fischer's Love Birds.

They write:

These artworks are part of our 365 days of miniature series which we started on 1st January 2018. We choose BIRDS as our topic of art. Each bird is made by cutting it in different layers on paper and than painted with water colors and hand assembled to give a final 2.5 Dimensional look. Each artwork took from 4-6 hours to finish. We enjoyed each bird everyday and learned a lot about birds and their nature while making them. So here is our 30 birds from the first month of our series hope you enjoy it.

Check out their Instagram for reveals of each daily piece.

NVillustration (Etsy via Behance)