Watch this guy melt down 1,000 aluminum cans to make huge ingots

Ben at PressTube has branched out from squishing things in a hydraulic press to other impressive metalworking, like this project to shred and melt soda cans into ingots of aluminum.

It's surprising how much dross accumulates, perhaps related to the paint or other impurities. Quoth Ben:

In this video I'm casting large aluminium Ingots which are made from empty Coca-Cola and other soda cans. First I'm shredding the cans to make them smaller, and then I'm melting them in my metal foundry. The result are 3 awesome aluminium ingots which I will use in my future aluminium casting projects. A big thanks goes to my parents who collected these soda cans for the past 6 months. They also helped me in this video to shred the cans and do some preparations for the video.

Shredding & Melting 1000 Coca Cola Soda Cans Into Huge Aluminium Ingots (YouTube / PressTube)