Take on the Italian mob in this hit game

It's not often a video game can create a vibrant open world, fill it with complex characters, and let you play your way through on high-octane adventure. In this regard, Mafia III is not like most games. You play as  Lincoln Clay, an orphan and Vietnam veteran hellbent on revenge against the Italian Mafia in 1960's New Orleans. It's on sale now in the Boing Boing Store for $16.99.

Jump in and explore a vast, open world ruled by the mob and corrupt officials with sights, sounds and intense social atmosphere of 1960's New Orleans. You can choose your own way to fight, from brute force to stealth tactics, and you can build a new criminal empire in your own unique way by deciding which of your lieutenants you reward and which you betray.

Mafia III is on sale for $16.99, nearly 60% off the usual $39.99 retail price.