Unlock 2TB of cloud storage during this price drop

One of the main reasons why many of us invest in cloud storage is to back up the sensitive files and data that we'd rather not have saved on our computers. Of course, this strategy doesn't hold much water if you're using a cloud storage solution that doesn't protect your information while it's saved to the Cloud. SpiderOak locks your information down at all times with end-to-end encryption, and now you can sign up for a one-year plan for $10 off its $39.99 sale price.

With SpiderOak, your data is protected before it even leaves your computer, and it's encrypted again while in transit to, and at rest on SpiderOak servers. You can seamlessly sync data between all of your devices, regardless of operating system and even restore your data before ransomware hits thanks to SpiderOak's recovery feature. Plus, SpiderOak keeps your privacy paramount by maintaining no knowledge of your password, any data stored on their servers, or the metadata associated with your files.

2TB one-year subscriptions to SpiderOak were on sale for $39.99 in the Boing Boing Store, but you can sign up today for $29.99.