Miami pedestrian bridge collapses, 'several dead,' multiple vehicles trapped beneath

Several people died when a 950-ton pedestrian bridge collapsed over a roadway near Florida International University (FIU). Live video footage of the incident shows 5 or 6 cars flattened beneath, pinned down by enormous concrete slabs. It is hard to imagine any of the people inside having survived, but some have.

The 174-foot-bridge was just installed early last Saturday morning, with local officials and construction company reps present for an unveiling ceremony.

It collapsed just days later on Thursday.

An 'accelerated' construction method is reported to have been used, and is the focus of great speculation.

It was scheduled to open to the public in early 2019. Some 55,000 students attend FIU, and the community hoped the bridge would reduce injuries and deaths that were common at this busy roadway.

Officials told reporters within minutes of the disaster that multiple deaths were apparent. The number of dead and injured is not yet known.

The area was less crowded with cars and pedestrians than it might have been, because classes at FIU were out for Spring Break.

The bridge was many years in the making.

From NBC Miami:

The 174 foot bridge, scheduled to open to the public in early 2019, crossed Southwest 8th Street near 109th Avenue and was built with the purpose of allowing students living across the busy roadway to cross safely.