Technology is landscape in Yuri Shwedoff's art

I love Yuri Shwedoff's subdued, atmospheric renderings of vestigial technology and the people who still see it, still wear it. The lansdcape wears it, too, and it evokes for me a deeper relationship with technology rather than the darker one often implied by postapocalyptic art. Here it's not disused. If anything it's less alien. It just fits somewhere else in the human imagination.

Here's a short interview with him.

I grew up in Krgyztan, among the mountains, lakes and abandoned Uranium mines. The feel of this nature greatly influenced my taste in color, light and subject of my paintings. When I moved to Russia, I was inspired by the remnants of Soviet architecture, the monuments in the style brutalism, The huge scale of abandoned human creations, long cold winters and cloudy day.

I think I'm going to put a couple of bucks into his Patreon to get access to his tutorials. He's on Instagram too.