Help crowdfund the Harlem Cryptoparty and 100 unlimited, privacy-protecting wifi hotspots for Puerto Rico

Calyx is an amazing nonprofit, privacy-oriented activist ISP (they were the first ISP to successfully resist a secret Patriot Act warrant); they are notable for offering an unlimited, unfiltered, unthrottled 4G/wifi hotspot for a tax-deductible $400 year (mine has repeatedly saved my bacon).

Now, Calyx is trying to raise $100K in a charitable crowdfunder to extend key privacy technologies to two marginalized groups: people rebuilding Puerto Rico and privacy trainers with the Harlem Cryptoparty, who provide operational security advice for #blacklivesmatter activists and the wider, oversurveilled black community.

Calyx is planning to equip 100 public libraries in Puerto Rico with unlimited bandwidth that can be loaned to patrons to take home, and to continue its sponsorship of Harlem Cryptoparty for another year.

I just gave them $100.

Our fundraising campaign is all about the Digital Divide – the minimum goal for this fundraiser is to raise $100,000 so we can send 100 4G/LTE hotspots with unlimited data plans to public libraries in Puerto Rico, and to fund CryptoHarlem for the next year. Libraries lend out internet hotspots so people without their own internet connection can get online.

Calyx Institute: Privacy by Design; Bridging the Digital Divide [Nicholas Merrill/Crowdrise]