Facebook kept copies of videos you deleted

Madison Malone Kircher writes that Facebook keeps copies of "every video you ever filmed on the platform", even after you think you've deleted them.

Stephanis says that her archive contains videos she clearly never planned to shared with anyone. "There are videos of me just checking my teeth," she explained. My sister also had videos — rehearsing for school musicals and cheerleading — where she was using Facebook's desktop camera to review herself and then erase, or so she thought, the video forever.

I thought this was a funny quirk of my sister's. And then I looked at my own data archive. There, at the bottom of the list of videos I'd put on the platform, I found clips that appear to have never been posted to Facebook but were saved anyway.

From what I can tell, most people haven't noticed this yet.

Facebook is a permanent record of everything you do on Facebook.