"This young man rose like Jesus," crap covered kid rescued from Easter sewer ride

Bursting through some old and rotten planks in an abandoned park buidling, 13 year-old Jessie Hernandez plummeted into the Los Angeles sewer system. The City of Fallen Angels spared no resource or technology in their 12 hour long search to save the young man.

Via RawStory:

"This young man rose like Jesus," said Bryant Jones, a city sanitation manager.

The search, which lasted 13 hours, was a desperate race against time, said Los Angeles Fire Department Capt. Erik Scott, because "survivability diminishes in that toxic environment."

The accident triggered a massive search, drawing more than 100 firefighters, police officers and sanitation workers. Crews used remote video cameras and other "Batman-like" tools to locate the boy in the vast network of pipes and cisterns, Scott said.

They had no idea where the boy might turn up, and questions lingered Sunday afternoon: Did the pipes contain fresh water or sewage? Did they lead to a treatment plant or the Los Angeles River? How far could Hernandez travel, and how fast?

"It's hard to get eyes on," Scott said of the sewer system. "Where is he? Where will he go?"

You've really gotta read the whole story.