For a mere $105,000, John McAfee will tweet about your cryptocurrency

Creepy (no, seriously) 1980s villain John McAfee has 812,000 Twitter followers, some of whom are not bots, and for the low price of $105,000, he will tweet to them about your cryptocurrency.

But mind, John won't spam those 812,000! He caps his tweeting at seven tweets per cryptocurrency scheme.

If nothing else, Mr McAfee appears to have discovered a way to ensure that his cryptocurrency profits are non-speculative.

"Individual tweets, whether created in Mr. McAfee's voice or by the company whose products we are promoting, cost $105,000 per tweet," writes the McAfee Crypto Team.

"Unless there are special circumstances we will do no more than seven tweets per promotion. This ensures that other projects and technologies will have a chance to use our services, since we limit promotional tweets to a max of two per day."

That's $105,000 per tweet, or $375 per character.

John McAfee charges $105,000 per tweet to promote your ICO
[Aaron Hankin/Marketwatch]

(via Naked Capitalism)