Kickstarting a public radio-backed revival of Gothamist, a beloved site killed by an evil, union-hating Trumpist billionaire

Gothamist voted to unionize in late 2017; immediately thereafter, its new owner, the evil, Trump-supporting billionaire Joe Ricketts killed it and all its sister publications in a fit of petty revenge against the uppity laborers in word-mines; but then, in February, a consortium of public radio stations announced plans to revive the beloved site, backed by an anonymous donor and the sites' original founders.

To keep the lights on after the reboot, the nonprofits behind Gothamist are running a Kickstarter, seeking to raise $100K, and donations are tax-deductible.

As is fitting, the donor rewards are pretty symbolic, as most of the money is earmarked for newsgathering operations; but $25 gets you some nice pins, $75 gets you the inevitable tote-bag, $120 gets you a mug, and $240 gets you a print. At the $10,000 level, you get to go bowling with Gothamist's founders.

It's simple: all funds raised with this Kickstarter will go to funding Gothamist. The first $100,000 will help revive the website and bring back our popular newsletter. It will also enable us to preserve the Gothamist and DNAinfo archives. But this is just the beginning. The more we raise, the better we can serve you.

If we raise another $100,000, we'll be able to deepen our service. With your participation, we will be able to deliver more of the "Best Of" features, more stunning New York photography, more on the mass transit crisis that is messing with our daily lives, revealing more of the city's extraordinary secrets and essential weirdness.
Inside an illegal party in an abandoned subway station in Manhattan. (Tod Seelie / Gothamist)
Inside an illegal party in an abandoned subway station in Manhattan. (Tod Seelie / Gothamist)

New York-based, New York-centric reporting has never been needed like it is today—and you can help bring it back.

Bring Back Gothamist [Gothamist/Kickstarter]

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