Take this test to see if you can identify the correct lowercase G. Most people can't.

This looks really simple – just choose the correct lowercase "looptail" G in the video above. Do it now, before spoilin' it by readin' a lowercase G in the rest of this post.

(Spoiler Gs below.)

Okay, so it's not really that simple. In a recent Johns Hopkins experiment, only 7 out of 25 people were able to identify the correct letter. Only 2 out of 38 even knew a second lowercase "G" existed, and only 1 was able to correctly write it. According to Metro:

The experiments suggest our knowledge of letters can suffer when we don't write them by hand. As we write less and become more dependent on electronic devices, this could impact how we learn to read, according to the researchers.

Professor McCloskey said: 'Our findings give us an intriguing way of looking at questions about the importance of writing for reading.'

And don't ask me if I passed the test. It's no fun failing these things and even less fun to admit it.