Daily Stormer may soon have to reveal who funds its hate-fueled bullshit

Thanks to a recent court filing, we may soon see who's responsible for funding the bigoted neo-nazi bullshit machine we all loathe and know as The Daily Stormer.

According to The Daily Beast, the discovery of who's been buffing up the hate site's coffers could come as a result of a pair of lawsuits currently being leveled against The Daily Stormer's founder, Andrew Anglin. Anglin, who's rumored to be damn near broke, is said to be hiding out in Cambodia in an attempt to live cheap and hide from the nasty liberals determined to keep him from living his simple, hate-filled life.

From The Daily Beast:

Anglin is currently on the run from two lawsuits. One of those lawsuits, by radio host and Daily Beast contributor Dean Obeidallah, accuses Anglin of defamation after The Daily Stormer accused Obeidallah of orchestrating a bombing at a 2017 Ariana Grande concert in England. In a new filing in the case, Obeidallah asked a judge to let him enter a discovery process for Moonbase Holdings, LLC, a shell company The Daily Stormer used to make its financial transactions look more legitimate.

Poor little guy.

While it'd be nice to discover whether there are any big names providing a lion's share of funding to Anglin's website, the real intrigue in all of this could come from the fact that Moonbase Holdings began accepting credit card transactions back in 2017. This would have made it easy for your boss, friends, or next-door neighbors to slip The Daily Stormer cash to fund its white-power horseshit on the sly.

So much for that shield of anonymity.

Image via Pixabay