Watch how to find and eat giant puffball mushrooms

Tim Farmer found a giant puffball mushroom in the woods, a fall delicacy that requires a little good luck and timing to enjoy. They are a lot safer than picking other wild mushrooms because they are pretty easy to identify.

Of course, cigarette butts would probably taste good sauteed in butter and onions, but these babies have a very nice rich flavor. To see how quickly they get to be unappetizing, check out David cutting into one that's gone to spore:

These suckers can get really big, too:

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#giantpuffballmushroom #giantpuffball #wagmanthings can't wait to eat this I can't believe I found this its huge. Thanks Pops for teaching me about these mushrooms 🍄.

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Just found this wild #giantpuffballmushroom Should i eat it?? #wildforaging #edibles #theresafungusamongus #giantpuffball #upstatenewyork #puffball #foraging #wildmushroom #ediblemushrooms #mycology [foraging + cooking guide on website in bio]

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White Puffball Mushrooms in the Woods (YouTube / Tim Farmer)