Montreal cop invents new law on the spot to ticket carpooling mom

A Montreal woman is contesting a $169 ticket that a cop got her to sign by making up a new law. She was driving in the carpool lane with her daughter; the cop falsely said that carpool passengers must have driving licenses.

"I was surprised with the cop, when she saw my daughter, that she still issued a ticket," Émond told CBC News. "The police officer was really sure [of] what she was telling me."

The rules on carpooling are laid out in article 295 of the Highway Safety Code, which merely states that reserve lanes are for the exclusive use of road vehicles carrying the number of passengers indicated by signs along that route.

The cop didn't see the kid in the back, got mad at having wasted her time, so she lied to the mom in hopes of convincing her to agree not to contest a ticket.