Watch Adam Pally go way off his Shorty Awards script

While presenting the award for Best Instagram Brand at the Shorty Awards, a dishevelled Adam Pally seemed to have an epiphany about the banality of evil that is the Shorty Awards, which he called the "waiting at the DMV of award shows."

Some real zingers here! Via AV Club:

As he struggled to read the prepared #copy, Pally added commentary on the sheer despair he felt even being there at that moment. Some choice lines: "I think a career highlight will be when I am done"; "Once again, I'm giving an award to a company. I'm 36."; "Remember that winner who said that she was in college for engineering but she dropped out to play video games?… She thinks it worked out for her, but in six months she'll be trying to get back into that school"; "If you want me to host next year, hard pass"; "Delete my account? God, I wish I could"; and, most succinctly, "This is hell." Safe to say, none of that was in the script.

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