Gorgeous resin sphere turned on a lathe

Heath Knuckles created this beautiful burl and resin sculpture he names "Red Dawn." A very satisfying and relaxing video, in large part thanks to the great music choices.

He's done lots of other colors on his Instagram:

I get a little lonely in the shop at times. Sometimes you just need to let it go. 😁🤪

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I just love the look of the burl in this one. There’s so much depth to it. Thank you @thewoodshoptv for the wood. 😁👊 I’m digging the green. Do you have a favorite color?

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This little guy has a whole lotta love in it. Decided to name this one... “Blue Moon Mini” 😁 It’s available now on my website. Link above. 👆 Have a fantastic weekend folks! ❤️

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He also sells blanks on his site if you'd like to try your own hand at these without having to learn the resin pouring through trial and error.

#40 Hybrid Sphere 🌗 Burl & Resin "Red Dawn" (YouTube / Heath Knuckles)