China escalates the war on jaywalkers with automated shouting laser/squirtguns tied to motion-sensors

Chinese authorities hate jaywalkers and they've decided to use technology to end the practice; in Shenzhen, jaywalkers are identified with facial recognition and sent threatening texts while their faces are displayed on oversized nearby LED screens; in Daye, Hubei province, shouting robotic squirt-guns target and soak anyone who attempts to walk into an intersection against the lights.

It also logs their identity with facial recognition and targets them with lasers that the authorities are pretty sure won't accidentally blind any children, maybe.

The equipment was set up at an intersection in Daye city's downtown area. It consists of five yellow bollards arranged along the road. The lower three spray water vapour when sensors indicate someone is walking on a red light.

"The machine has two systems with different functions. One is facial recognition; the other provides reminders and warnings," Wan Xinqiang, deputy head of publicity for the Daye public security bureau, was quoted as saying.

The system gives voice prompts about traffic light status. "If it senses someone running a red light, it will spray water vapour and warn pedestrians by voice and laser (beams)," Wan said.

Attention, jaywalkers: You'll be sprayed with water in central China city [Xinhua/Straits Times]