Watch a waterjet slice a perfect obsidian cube and some batarangs

The guys from Waterjet Channel took a request from a Minecraft fan who wanted to see them cut an obsidian cube, even supplying the obsidian. They also made some super-thin batarangs that could almost be used as sunglass lenses.

We got a fun package and idea in the mail. It was two large obsidian rocks. We cut them in super thin transparent slices and we tried to make a cube. Turned out pretty cool I’d say. I still want to make a real obsidian batarang in the Native American spear head style…. That would be awesome. The cube should make a pretty good seer stone and allow me to see into the future and better identify authenticity from licking. And this should make the Minecraft fans happy IRL.

Obsidian with a 60,000 PSI Waterjet - Obsidian Cube Minecraft IRL (YouTube / The Waterjet Channel)