Gorgeous, betentacled machined sculpture from Chris Bathgate: the BU 622411311751

Machinist/sculptor Chris Bathgate (previously) is taking a break from small fidget toys and has returned to large format work with the BU 622411311751, which has a distinctly cthuloid/tentacly aspect.

There is a bit more of a creature feeling to this sculpture as well, something I commonly eschew because my primary focus is not to create illusion in my work, but to explore a medium wherever it may lead. For this piece, a certain amount of biomorphism was allowed to happen as it arose quite organically out of the complexity of the design.

I welcome the comparisons this biological quality will draw. I think there are some obvious ones, but I am always surprised at some of the connections people make so I look forward to hearing them.

At over three feet across and well over one hundred pounds, this is quite a substantial piece. It is designed to be either wall mounted or pedestal mounted. While the baseplates are designed for it, I have yet to fully work out the best way to safely support and position this thing to mount it on the wall. A custom brace, or perhaps a large panel, is in order for a site specific instal (I have some ideas to test).

Winter project complete! Sculpture BU 622411311751 [Chris Bathgate]