Annoyed pregnant woman purposely trips little boy and gives him a concussion

Last week a four-year-old boy in China ran inside a restaurant to grab some chopsticks for his parents, and as he entered the restaurant, some plastic curtains accidentally hit a pregnant woman siting by the front door. She was not pleased. To get revenge, she waited for the boy to return, and then stuck out her foot and tripped him.

The boy went flying towards the front door and smacked his head on the ground. He ended up in the hospital with a concussion. Meanwhile, the woman and her husband continued to eat their meal as if nothing had happened.

The boy's parents, who own the restaurant, thought at first that he had just fallen. But the boy – as well as witnesses – told them that a customer had intentionally tripped him. If you look at the video below, you can even see her practicing ahead of time, quickly jutting out her leg once before he passed her, and then jutting it out again for the real thing.

A security camera caught the whole thing on tape (below) and ended up going viral online over the weekend.

According to South China Morning Post:

"I checked the CCTV and was so angry that I called the police," she said.

The woman was widely criticised on the internet after the footage was published.

"As someone who is soon going to be a mother, this act is really shameful," one woman said on Weibo, China's equivalent of Twitter. Her comment got over 21,000 likes.

Another person said of the woman: "Do some good things for the baby in her tummy, please."

After a witch hunt ensued to find out the woman's identity, she turned herself in to the police. She at first received a 10-day prison sentence and a fine of 1000 yuan ($160), but the prison sentence was later dropped.

Luckily the boy is okay. Let's hope this woman's creepy and aggressive dislike of enthusiastic children somehow vanishes once she has her own child.