Enchanting mix of experimental, minimalist, and ambient cassette music

Brandon Hocura of the excellent Seance Centre record label mined his (and his friends') rare and vintage cassette archive to create this sublime guest mix for the Noise In My Head show on NTS Radio. Listen below, preferably with headphones. Turn on, tune in.

Noise In My Head W/ Brandon Hocura (Seance Centre)


Claire Thomas & Susan Vezey – Bright Waves
Pablo's Eye – Blind And Quiet
Mo Boma – Jijimuge Two (Rebounders / Nanga Ningi)
Robert Haigh – Andante (For Strings, Piano, Percussion)
Sebastian Gandera – Chienne De Viel
The Field Mice – Let's Kiss And Make Up
Richard Truhlar – Portrait Of An Interview
Hearn Gadbois – Gaht Mayh Moh8joh3 Woykihn
John Celono – Instrument Flying
Bruce Russell – Indigo Pool
Joanne Forman – Codex
Antonio Zepeda – Cuando Los Dioses Juegan A La Pelota
Roberto Mazza – Artigli Arguti
Peter Griggs – Fragments
John Di Stefano – Nuage
Philip Sanderson & Michael Denton – Maps (Love In A Cold Climate)
Short Term Memory – Words
Houari Benchenet – Katrouli El Mhaine
Jack Charles – Traverse
John J Lafia – Life Is Short
Short Term Memory – Hysteria
John Di Stefano – Culture Schlock
Smith & Erickson – Blue Skies
Tony Wells – End Collage
Pauline Oliveros – Earth
Ellen Zweig & Gregory Jones – Sensitive Bones

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