Free PDF download of MagPi, a magazine about Raspberry Pi projects

Raspberry Pi is a credit card sized (or smaller) Linux computer that costs about $35 (you also need a monitor, a keyboard, SD card, and power source). The organization that developed it is called the Raspberry Pi foundation and they publish an excellent project magazine called MagPi. The PDF version is free to download. Issue 69 just came out and it has some good projects:

  • Affordable 3D printing.
  • Buy your first 3D printer and use a Raspberry Pi with OctoPrint to control it.
  • Set up Bluetooth on a Raspberry Pi and use it to stream music to your speakers.
  • New Google AIY kits. Discover the latest Voice and Vision kits. Now with Pi Zero WH included!
  • Transform a retro cam. Turn a classic Kodak Brownie camera into a modern digicam using a Camera Module.
  • Make a Pi Zero TV Stick. Upgrade any TV into a PC with a modified Pi Zero W.