Tip for preventing burnout: collect information in big buckets, not tiny cups

The folks at Evernote have released a whitepaper called Triple Overload and What You Can Do About It. Triple overload is what happens when you combine data overload, communication overload, and cognitive overload. Here's one tip from the post that makes sense– collect information in big buckets, not tiny cups:

If you're trying to throw a piece of paper into a wastepaper basket from across the room, would you rather be aiming for one big target or a dozen tiny ones?

When you're saving documents, email attachments, and other files, it can be tempting to create a large number of small folders, each with a narrow purpose. After all, you'd think it would be easier to find something if it lives in a folder with a very specific name and few other items.

Actually, the opposite is true. A smaller number of 'big buckets,' each containing a large number of files, is quicker to search, easier to maintain, and more convenient to file new items into. That helps you stay 'in the flow' and operate at your highest level.

Image: By Milles Studio/Shutterstock