Folex is the best stain and spot remover I've found

Years and years of pet ownership have led me to declare Folex as the absolute best for cleaning up messes on a carpet or piece of upholstered furniture.

As I was working on another post, I heard my cat start to retch. I instantly knew he was on my favorite rug, the one that ties my living room together. Running out of my office confirmed the disaster. My mind immediately went to "WHERE IS THE FOLEX?!!?" and I was in a panic — I knew I had Folex around, but I haven't needed it in a few weeks and who knows where it was left?

Frantically scanning the entire house in a few moments, I found the spray bottle in the laundry room. I'd used the Folex to to clean a soggy spot on a comforter where Pretzel, my Cavalier King Charles, had chewed a pig ear and left a mark. Seeing the bottle calmed me down.

I lifted as much of the cat puke as I could from my rug without rubbing it in before applying the Folex. I sprayed a healthy amount on the spot of gross stuff, and then used paper towels to blot and gently rub the gunk off my pretty area rug.

As always test this stuff for safety on surface you are cleaning, but I've only once or twice found stuff lose its color.

Folex Carpet Spot Remover, 32 oz via Amazon