McDonald's workers across the UK are striking

It's May Day, and McDonald's workers in Manchester, Watford, Crayford and Cambridge have walked out, demanding an end to zero-hours contracts and a £10/hour living wage.

The Bakers Food and Allied Workers Union is asking to be recognised as representing the McDonald's workers, with demands that include fixed-hours contracts and pay equity for young workers.

McDonalds' employees won their biggest pay rise in 10 years in January, but it was banded by position, region, and age. Only company-owned McDonald's restaurants – about a quarter of branches in Britain – were affected.

Annalise Peters, a worker at a McDonald's in Cambridge said: "The public and the labour movement have given us so much support and encouragement."

Striking fast-food workers also plan to demonstrate in Watford, the hometown of McDonald's chief executive, Steve Easterbrook, as part of the industrial action.

Lewis Baker, a McDonald's worker in Crayford, said: "Every message of support builds our confidence as we stand up to this bullying company and demand a fair wage and respect on the job."

'McStrike': McDonald's workers walk out over zero-hours contracts
[Rajeev Syal/The Guardian]

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