John Guandolo, disgraced ex-FBI & hate speech star, now training law enforcement in Texas

Anti-Muslim hate personality John Guandolo was speaking just a couple of weeks ago about his desire to arrest Democratic and GOP leadership, then execute people. Mr. Guandolo's 'training workshops' on the dangers of jihad have some popularity among some police officers in the U.S., as evidenced by past speaking engagements with various police departments. Mr. Guandolo is now reviving that speaking tour.

"Guandolo's anti-Muslim roadshow will hit West Texas this week," reports the Southern Poverty Law Center, "where he is scheduled to train law enforcement and others in the city of San Angelo on Friday, May 4."

"Guandolo touts his FBI background to lend credibility to his training courses, which are offered to law enforcement and civilians alike. Often omitted, however, is the controversial manner in which he departed the federal law enforcement agency."

He was fired by the FBI for a number of ethical breaches and bizarre conduct.

From the SPL blog:

Emails obtained by Hatewatch indicate that Gaundolo is working with the anti-Muslim media outlet Christian Reporter News (CRN) along with the Concho Valley Council of Governments, a voluntary organization of local governments based in San Angelo, to organize the visit. The training is open to citizens, law enforcement and clergy.

CRN claims over 30 law enforcement officers have signed up to attend. Guandolo and his anti-Muslim hate group, Understanding the Threat (UTT), are no stranger to San Angelo, having conducted a similar training in October of 2017.