The endless stream of White House spelling mistakes

The BBC reports on the deluge of spelling errors in official White House communications, from amusements such as "Air Force Once" to dangerous mistakes such as this week's accidentally-on-purpose suggestion that Iran still has a nuclear weapons program.

Less than a month after taking office, the White House misspelled the name of British Prime Minister Theresa May three times in a press release announcing her visit.

Her first name was spelled repeatedly with no "h" which, the Independent noted, is the name of a pornographic actress who starred in films including "Whitehouse: The Sex Video" and "Leather Lust".

Mr Trump later made a similar mistake in a tweet, when he tagged a Sussex woman (whose Twitter account had only six followers) with a similar name to the politician.

They are countless—there's simply no-one there in possession of both literacy and authority. My favorite is "lasting peach."