A search engine for old Geocities sites — find yours, and you can start re-editing it

So, Geocities — the service that, back in 1994, set off the first phase of everyday folks putting crazy, fun stuff online — still exists as a hosting service. Better yet, it has also preserved an awful lot of those old Geocities sites, and has a rudimentary search engine to find them.

I searched for "anime" (what else, really?) and immediately found a zillion fanfic sites, like the one above.

When I posted about this search engine on Twitter, a lot of thirtysomething web developers immediately headed over to discover: Holy moses, the fansites they'd made when they were tweens were still up and running!

Bonus: if you find a site you created way back when, Geocities has a process for reclaiming yours. So you can start re-updating a site that you probably last edited when Bill Clinton was president.