Bob Hope's golf cart was a custom number by George Barris

By the time George Barris tricked-out this Cushman golf cart, he had already built quite a few custom cars including, most notably, the coffin-shaped Munster Koach in 1964 and the Batmobile in 1966. Known as the "King of the Kustomizers," Barris built this one-of-a-kind vehicle in the early 1970s in the likeness of its iconic golf-loving celebrity recipient Bob Hope: ski-jump nose, jutting chin and all.

It featured "a TV, a tape deck and a rear-mounted camera so that Hope could film his swing," according to Golf Digest.

In this video, you can see those details:

(Do you know where the car museum shown in the video is? I would love to know!)

(Pee-wee Herman)