Watch: Girl too young to drive careens into an outdoor table at Dairy Queen

A girl who was too young to legally drive decided she wanted ice cream, so she took her sister's car and headed for a Dairy Queen in Detroit, MI.

But, without any driving experience, the girl missed the Dairy Queen driveway and careened into the outdoor seating area instead. She smashed into a table with an umbrella where a couple of people are sitting, knocking the table – along with the customers – on its side. She also broke the front windows of the Dairy Queen shop. But miraculously the people sitting at the table stumble away with no serious injuries.

From WWJ News Radio:

Debris hit a couple of people, but they were not seriously injured, according to Danielle Sisty, the store manager.

"We're so grateful that everyone was OK," she told WWJ. "Everybody was completely fine. One girl had scratches on her leg, but other than that everybody was fine. There were no broken bones or anything."