Humble Bundle Nebula Showcase: great, DRM-free science fiction, benifitting the Science Fiction Writers of America

The latest Humble Bundle features dozens of Nebula-winning and Nebula-nominated novels and short stories from past and present, everyone from Octavia Butler and Ursula K Leguin to Samuel Delany and John Brunner, to say nothing of Kate Wilhelm, Joanna Russ, and four titles from Serial Box.

You get to name your price for the books and stories, with a minimum of $20 to get all $445 worth of ebooks; the files are multiformat, work on every reader and are DRM free. You get to apportion money to the writers/publishers and the Science Fiction Writers of America, whose special funds support writers with medical crises, grievances against publishers, and other emergencies.

Humble Book Bundle: Super Nebula Author Showcase 2018 presented by SFWA (pay what you want and help charity) [Humble Bundle]