Woman in sailor suit tells Infowars reporter that Infowars people have worms in their brain

Infowars went to an event to make a gotcha video with people outside a SXSW event featuring Bernie Sanders. The Infowars reporter probably regrets approaching a podcaster and actress named Dasha Nekrasova, who rolled her eyes at the reporter's claims about socialism leading to people eating rats. Nekrasova, dressed in a sailor outfit, calmly told the reporter that Infowars people have worms in their brains:

Infowars briefly posted the video, but took it down after it became clear that Nekrasova was the star of the show. Fortunately, Dasha reposted her appearance on Twitter.

Vice reports that one of Nekrasova's lines has become a meme:

Now one of Nekrasova's best answers from the video has been turned into a pretty damn good, albeit a bit niche, meme. Basically you just apply her snide response to the question "Have you ever heard of Venezuela?" to another #relatable question from your mom or therapist or something, and voila. Enjoy some examples below.