Idiots and their kids almost become dinner on a wild animal preserve

Note: some understandably NSFW language. Watching morons get out of their cars in front of apex predators has become a YouTube genre, but rarely are they stupid enough to walk out in pen fields with their children while in clear view of said predators.

The filmers find it amusing to watch the family get out of their cars to get better pictures and let their kids get a good look. Then they casually pull some packs out and rearrange the car as cheetahs look intently at the kids. When the filmers round the corner, the family has gotten out to walk into an open field, prompting the cheetahs to make a go of nabbing one of the kids.

The worst part is they'd probably have to kill the cheetahs, then the family would sue the game preserve.

Aanval jachtluipaarden Beekse Bergen het hele verhaal (YouTube / FPE Humor)