Watch a CNC lathe make a hollow spiral candlestick

Legacy Woodworking Machinery has a great series of videos on how they program CNC machines to cut a hollow spiral candlestick.

This time we will be demonstrating how a Hollow Spiral Candlestick is produced using cutter shape profiles. This is not a how-to video but will show the cutting processes used on Legacy's CNC machines.
This project has three turned components, the top, the middle and the bottom. Each part was programmed using Legacy's exclusive Conversational CAM turning software.

All together these 3 parts took less than 40 minutes to produce. You can see how powerful cutter profiles can be, especially when combined with Legacy's exclusive Conversational CAM turning software.

Bonus video: carving multiple wood pieces on the same pattern at the same time.

Turning a Hollow Spiral Candlestick – Legacy Woodworking (via TAT Woodworking)