White supremacist Matthew Heimbach is headed to jail

Matthew Heimbach has been sent to jail.

You may remember him from such violent, bigoted hits such as physically assaulting a black protester at a Trump rally back in 2016 or his time leading the Traditionalist Worker Party–a delightful whack of scum described by the the Anti-Defamation League as a neo-Nazi group whose goal is to build a national socialist ethno-state for white people. All the cool bigots love the TWP: the hate group routinely plays footsies with Richard Spencer, skinheads and other white supremacists interests that are terrified of living in a world where their personal banality becomes apparent in the company of anyone who's skin's a shade or three darker than their own.

Anyway, over achiever that he is, Heimbach is on his was to spend some time in the clink for violating the terms of the probation he had hung around his neck for the 2016 Trump rally assault. According to the Associated Press, Heimbach was arrested, thus breaking the terms of his probation,"on battery charges for allegedly assaulting his wife's stepfather, David Matthew Parrott." It seems that Heimbach and Parrot were mixing it up over an alleged affair that Heimbach had been having with Parrot's wife. And the hits, literally, just keep on coming.

From The Seattle Times:

A police report said Heimbach choked Parrott twice into unconsciousness. Heimbach was arrested at his home after police heard him arguing and scuffling with his wife, who was inside with him and their two children. Brooke Heimbach told police Heimbach had assaulted her.

So, if I have this right, Heimbach was having an affair with his father-in-law's wife. When he was confronted about the affair by said father-in-law, he choked him, twice. Then to top it all off, Heimbach assaulted his wife. This finally led to his having the cuffs slapped on. If his sad, angry white nationalism wasn't enough to cement what a class act Heimbach is, the sad, rolling clusterfuck of the rest of his life ought to do it.

Despite everything that he's done and what he stands for, thanks to his lawyer and the flexibility of the prosecution overseeing his case, Heimbach will only spend 38 days in jail.

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