Serial racist: for years, New Yorkers have been videoing their encounters with ranting racist lawyer Aaron Schlossberg

Aaron Schlossberg is the triggered snowflake who became internet famous when he went on an unhinged racist rant against some customers and servers at a restaurant near his law office, who had been speaking Spanish.

Schlossberg was quickly identified, and much note was taken of the fact that he was a Trump campaign donor, that he had lied on his website about being a member of the New York Bar Association, and that the same website boasted about his Spanish fluency.

As Schlossberg's rant raced around the internet, other New Yorkers came forward with their own videos of Schlossberg being grossly, racially insulting to them without provocation on the streets of New York.

First came Willie Morris, who was bumped into on the street by Schlossberg, who then called him an "ugly fucking foreigner" (Morris was born and raised in the USA), and then came Isaac Saul, who recorded Schlossberg screaming at an ultra-Orthodox Jewish man who had expressed solidarity with Palestinians, calling him a "fake Jew" (Schlossberg is also Jewish).

To many, the existence of these two videos suggests that Schlossberg has many more such incidents in his past, in which his victims did not have the presence of mind to make a recording.

Morris said he was walking down the street when a man coming from the opposite direction made eye contact, walked faster toward him and shoved him with his briefcase.

"He immediately … starts yelling mostly racist and xenophobic stuff," Morris said. "I was so shocked, I've lived in NYC for five years and have never had anything like this happen. I was waiting for someone to jump out and scream, 'Gotcha!' "

Morris posted video of the incident, along with his own commentary, to YouTube the next day. In the video, a man can be seen asking Morris, "What country are you from?" and then saying: "I'm going to call the police. You don't run into me. I'm a citizen here, you're not. You're an ugly f***ing foreigner. F*** you."

In commentary afterward, Morris said he was born in Massachusetts, and he held up his US passport.

"It was so surreal," he told CNN. "Thankfully, I had started vlogging a few months before, so I had turned my camera on and caught it all. He was threatening to call the cops, but he eventually walked away, and we realized it wasn't just a weird stunt."

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