An ice-cream maker tries to figure out what AI ice-cream flavors derived from metal band-names would taste like

Janelle Shane (previously) is a delightful AI researcher who likes to use machine learning systems to produce absurd, inhuman outputs, such as a list of AI-created notional ice-cream flavors generated by merging a list of real ice-cream flavors with a list of metal band names and pressing "go."

Aaron Cohen owns Gracie's Ice Cream in Somerville, Mass. After taking a long look at Shane's list of robotic ice-cream flavor ideas, he took a stab at operationalizing them by deciding how you'd actually make a flavor that went with the labels.

Ice-cream is the best thing in the world. AI ice-cream flavors are delightfully whimsical. Merge the two and you get the delightful, whimsical best thing in the world.

From the weirder list:
* Chocolate Finger - Chocolate ice cream, entire Butterfinger candy bars like you get at the rich houses on Halloween.
* Crackberry Pretzel - Salty black raspberry chip with chocolate covered pretzel.

Worrying and ambiguous:
* Brown Crunch - Peanut butter Heath Bar.
* Sticky Crumple - Caramel and pulverized crumpets.
* Cookies and Green - Easy. Cookies and Cream with green dye.

“Trendy-sounding ice cream flavors”:
* Lime Cardamom - Sounds like a sorbet, to be honest.
* Potato Chocolate Roasted - Sweet potato ice cream with chocolate swirl.
* Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Road - We make a chocolate ice cream with chocolate cookie dough called Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, so this isn’t much of a stretch. Just add chocolate covered almonds and we’re there.

Ask An Ice Cream Professional: AI-generated ice cream flavors [Aaron Cohen/Kottke]