Couple suing overgrown 30-year-old son for not moving out of their house

A couple in Syracuse, New York have a 30-year-old son, Michael Rotondo, who is an unwanted guest in their house. He doesn't pay rent or any house expenses, he doesn't help out with the house chores, and he won't respond to five written requests from his parents to please move the fuck out already. They've even offered to help him out as he gets his new start, but he won't budge. So, at their wits' end, the parents are suing the boy.

According to Mashable:

The Rotondo parents say they've given their son Michael five notices over the past few months telling him to leave. They also told him that they'll help him if he does vacate.

However, the son is saying he legally wasn't given enough notice.

The neighbors in the area are siding with the parents. News 8 says resident Lashea Wright stated, "It's time. He's 30. And not paying rent. You need to be independent."

They will all go to court later this month, about seven weeks before Mikey's 31st birthday.

Image: Martin Taras. – DVD "Super Clásicos Infantiles"., Public Domain, Link

Correction: In an earlier version of this story I quoted Michael as saying, "Under this legal reasoning, my parents probably should have sued me when I was a kid." It was not Michael who said that, but Mashable in a bit of humor that I missed.