Two sitting Senators were among the people whose identities were stolen in FCC comments from anti-Net Neutrality bots

Trump's FCC Chairman Ajit Pai was so determined to ram through a Net Neutrality repeal that he ignored the fact that the FCC's public comment inbox was flooded with fake comments from anti-Net Neutrality bots — at least a million of them — who indiscriminately stole identities from the dead and alive alike (Pai said he'd treat these fake comments with the same weight that he gave to comments from humans, refusing to help law enforcement track down the botmasters, so that the Congressional Budget Office had to step in).

The botmasters who ran the anti-Net Neutrality campaign went so far as to steal the identities of two sitting US Senators, Senators Jeff Merkley (D-OR) and Pat Toomey (R-PA), who have written to the FCC demanding to know exactly what the fuck the Commission is going to do about it.

Last week, the Senate voted to overturn the FCC's Neutrality-killing order, and now we have to work on Congress to back their play.

"Late last year, the identities of as many as two million Americans were stolen and used to file fake comments during the FCC's comment period for the net neutrality rule," the Senators wrote in a letter to Pai. "We were among those whose identities were misused to express viewpoints we do not hold. We are writing to express our concerns about these fake comments and the need to identify and address fraudulent behavior in the rulemaking process."

Two Senators Say Their Identities Were Stolen During Net Neutrality Repeal [Karl Bode/Motherboard]