Listen to noted perv Bob Crane improv an ad for "Man, Oh Manischewitz"

"Red Coke," aka Riunite on Ice, was largely inspired by the 1940s "Man, Oh Manischewitz" ads. Here, voiceover genius Bob Crane does several impressions for that Robitussin-adjacent wine beloved by middle-class boomers both Jewish and gentile.

Here's Sammy Davis Jr. extolling the virtues of Manischewitz as a dessert wine on the rocks:

Of course, the best ad for Manischewitz was the free plug by Floyd Dixon in Wine, Wine, Wine:

His grandmother "loved Manischewitz so much, it even took her off her crutch…"

Back to Bob Crane… Before he got Hogan's Heroes, Crane was one of the most sought-after radio personalities of his time. If you haven't seen Auto Focus, the terrific but troubling biopic about Crane's colorful life and mysterious death, here's the trailer:

Kinnear is really great as the utterly charismatic Crane, and Willem Dafoe is super-creepy as Crane's sidekick and possible murderer.

Bob Crane KNX 1962 Radio Commercial – Manischewitz Wine (YouTube / Vote For Bob Crane)

Image: Wikimedia