Rail operator angers pound shop after comparing own poor service to Poundland chocolate

Poundland is a British discount retailer where everything costs a pound. Thameslink is a British railroad operator suffering from freqently late or cancelled services. Ferrero Rocher is an inexpensive but fancy chocolate snack famously marketed with the line "Why, ambassador, with these Rocher you are spoiling us."

Last week, a traveler mocked Thameslink by tweeting a photo of its sad cancellation-strewn departure board with the quip "Why, Ambassador … with this fine service you are really spoiling us."

Thameslink, in a tweet later deleted, replied "Very sorry Kevin. Appreciate at the moment the service is less Ferrero Rocher and more Poundland cooking chocolate."

Poundland chocolate responded to defend the quality of their chocolate, issued a legal threat, and suggested that Thameslink travelers might not reach their destination: "You're 'off the rails'"

The BBC reports that apologies were subsequently issued.