Log onto a BBS 1979-style with a TRS-80 and landline modem

Ah, the good old days, when logging on to social media meant sticking a big honkin' floppy in your TRS-80, then tying up a land line by cradling the handset on your modem.

This was of course back when any Radio Shack had all the electronic components you might need to build this or that. YouTuber FozzTexx put this together as "a little preview of an upcoming video that will be a Show & Tell of what was involved in going online and doing a very early form of social media."

If you want to visit Level 29: The BBS, it's still available via dialup at 916 965 1701 or Telnet at telnet.bbs.fozztexx.com, or you can use a boring web browser:


Going online like it's 1979! (YouTube / FozzTexx)