'This Is Nigeria' is that country's viral version of the Childish Gambino hit

Nigerian rapper Falz created This Is Nigeria, a parody of This Is America that switched out lyrics and imagery for social ills in his country: machete-wielding gangs, codeine use, internet scammers, and much more.

NPR broke down each problem referenced in the video:

Unethical preachers [1:47]
A young woman in a white garment is surrounded by a small group of people praying for her. In previous songs, Falz has criticized religious figures for money-making schemes. In "This is Nigeria," Falz gets angrier: "Pastor put his hand in the breast of his member, he is pulling the demon out," he raps. In April 2017, a Nigerian televangelist named Tim Omotoso was arrested and charged with trafficking more than 30 girls and women from various branches of his church, and allegedly sexually exploiting them.

Erratic electricity [1:51]
Falz worries that there is "no electricity daily o." Nigerians often complain about this problem.

Falz points out that Nigeria has problems with gun violence and police brutality, too.

Falz – This Is Nigeria (YouTube / FalzVEVO)